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ghost // animation meme (bfb/tpot)

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desire // animation meme (bfb 16)


Tons of web series to enjoy.

Odd Sonic & Odd Sonic: Plushes
Odd Sonic is an animated sitcom web series about the world's most liked blue hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog. It features some stuff in this animated web series that we have no idea what to do with it. We also have a plush series variant of this series!

the current videos that everyone can enjoy

ghost // animation meme (bfb/tpot)
this is not an AU btw- this is just how I interpret four and two's relationship with eachother

desire // animation meme (bfb/tpot)

123 FOUR Animation Meme (BFB/XFOHV)
SO i did a remake of my animation meme and unlisted the original one... because i felt like I didn't put much effort into the other one

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